Original XBOX Store Kiosk



The XBOX Kiosk about to make its journey home

Finally, an original Xbox store kiosk is mine.

A few years ago I heard there were a few
of these Xbox kiosks still scattered around New Zealand and that they’d occasionally pop up for sale on the auction site Trademe (New Zealand’s version of Ebay).  The original Xbox is one of, if not my favourite console of any generation
— and at least on par with the Sega Master System 2 — so when the opportunity arose to buy one, I knew I had to own it. After a stressful week of bidding and a 6-hour round trip to pick it up, the Xbox Kiosk was finally all mine.

The Kiosk itself wasn’t in the best condition. It looked like it had been sitting for sometime as it was buried beneath a thick layer of dust, but never the less, I was as happy as a pig in shit to pick it up.

MAN 1 KIOSK 0 (Got the bastard inside)

The next mission was how the fuck was I going to get this up a couple flights of stairs to get it inside. It’s very heavy even without the TV and Xbox set up inside of it and the base is a giant X making it quite difficult to navigate through doorways. It took two of us, but after a battle with the stairs, finally the beast was inside.

Boasting a surround sound set up and bright green lights, the kiosk really is quite the thing of beauty. The sound is actually very good — it has two speakers at the top, two behind the Xbox,


Running CoinOps Premium

and a sub, which packs a real punch, hidden behind the marketing material.
The Xbox I have in the unit is a crystal Xbox that is mod-chipped and running CoinOps Premium 8. CoinOps is an interface that runs all sorts of emulators from Arcade, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox games.  I also have an X-Arcade tankstick that I can hook up and get that genuine arcade feeling. The combination of CoinOps and the kiosk gives such an awesome arcade experience — the neon lights and awesome sound mean it really is an absolute joy to play.  You can find out more about CoinOps for Xbox here.

I’ve owned some awesome gaming kit, including the first actual Street Fighter arcade cab I ever played, but nothing comes close to how fucking cool this thing is. These things were designed for stores to show off the Xbox and now I have one in my living room, and that’s probably a good measure of the man-child I really am.

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  1. Hey can you please take a picture of the back setup/wiring setup. I just got it and the guy must have severed the cables in order to move it easier. I re soldered the power cable and got only the fans working right now. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Hey Angus,
    how much did you score that for (If i may ask)! I found myself a complete Nintendo Mini one a few months back in one of those warehouse sales!

    I’d love another but they never seem to come up for sale. I remember pretty much every noel leeming and bond and bond having one back in the day, maybe they just got binned when the new console came out. Sad really 🙁

    • Angus Westgarth

      Hey there! Actually I can’t remember what I paid for it, but it wasn’t too expensive! Nice work with the Nintendo mini one! I never see anything like that down here these days. Yeah you’re right, all those older electronic stores had things like it back in the day and it is sad, wonder how many made there way to the rubbish dump 🙁

  3. Hey Angus! Me again! I’ve stumbled on one of these in the last couple of days! It seems to be minus the power supply for the amp. Would you b able to check yours and tell me how many volts it needs and if it’s ac or dc?

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