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Since May is New Zealand Music month, I’ve been asked to provide a list of my favourite songs from The Land Of The Long White Cloud. Cool, easy, this shouldn’t be too hard. Well, it is, there are so many good songs that I want to include, but need to narrow them down to a manageable few.

I live overseas and, like many of us tend to do, have become very patriotic since leaving New Zealand. The small things have now become very important to me, like seeing the All Blacks perform the Haka or once hearing Dave Dobbyn’s Slice Of Heaven on the jukebox at a pub in central Queensland, in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

I also have a playlist on my phone just for artists and songs that remind me of New Zealand while I’m out touring foreign roads on my motorcycle.

So, the context for my picks is that they are songs that remind me of home, rather than my favourite songs.

Here they are, in a random order.

Dave Dobbyn – Loyal New Zealand’s second national anthem and also the easiest pick.

Patea Maori Club – Poi E This is brilliant, it launched into the music scene in 1984 and spent 22 weeks in the charts and fours weeks at number 1. Patea is my father’s home town so have always had a soft spot for it.

Elemeno P – Fast Times in Tahoe I guess this is about being away from someone you miss, I miss New Zealand and love it when I get back for a few weeks, but feel I’m in a better place for me right now.

Shihad – Home Again So hard to pick just one song from Shihad, there are a possibly 4 or 5 that I could list, but Home Again won, simply because of the title.

The Mockers – Forever Tuesday Morning Released in 1984 and probably my one of my earliest memories of a New Zealand artist. It always brings back great memories of living on our small farm in rural King Country.

Avalanche City – Love Love Love This is one of my son’s favourite New Zealand tunes. He used to think that the lyrics love, love, love were actually number one and hey, that sort of works too. If it’s on we still sing as I heard your heart say number one.

Supergroove – Can’t Get Enough  All I can say here is can’t get enough, can’t get enough, can’t get enough, no.

Timmy Trumpet & Savage – Freaks I know that Timmy Trumpet isn’t from New Zealand, but Savage is, so that’s close enough for me. Also the video of this song was recorded in Adelaide, where I now live. So this works both ways for be, it reminds me of New Zealand, and will remind me of my time in Adelaide when/if I move home.

Tiki Taane – Always On My Mind My daughter and I used to jump around to this together when she was only 1 year old. Just good memories.

Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over I can’t complete the list without a song from Crowded House, and it’s hard to believe that this is their only song that made it to number 1 in the New Zealand charts.

There are a lot of New Zealand artists that should be here as well, Gin Wigmore, Brooke Fraser, Lorde and who can forget the great one hit wonders from artists like Push Push or OMC, but that’s my list, whether you love it or hate it, these are the songs that remind me the most of home.

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