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May is New Zealand music month and the staff (we use that term loosely) of Get Off My Lawn have been challenged to share the songs that mean something. To us. Because we all come from different backgrounds, live in different countries and may even be born in different decades, so this should be interesting. I’ve drawn the short straw so I’m up first — and in no particular order, because choosing 10 was hard enough.

  1. BlindSpott Phlex – Now, I probably could have quite easily filled my list with BlindSpott and picking just one was so hard! S.U.I.T, Blank, Room To Breathe, Nil By Mouth, shit, they’ve got some amazing songs. Phlex wins out due to its ability to turn any New Zealand party into an emotional sing along within seconds of it starting.
  2. Straitjacket Fits  She Speeds – I cant really explain why I love this song, but whenever I listen to it, I feel like a summer’s Sunday afternoon cruising out in the middle of nowhere. It somehow makes me feel free.
  3. Shihad  My Minds Sedate – The General Electric is my favourite Shihad album and I think this is the best track, it kicked my ass when I first heard it, and it still does to this day.
  4. Weta  Let it Go – Reminds me of a summer concert at the Loaded Hog way back in the day when they toured with Fur Patrol and Shihad and, as a little whipper snapper, I had to climb up behind the fence around the gig to watch the concert.
  5. These Four Walls Lay It Out Down Falls an Empire is probably an album you’ve never heard, which is a bloody shame because it’s awesome, really awesome. Lay it out reminds me of some low points in my life , I often revisited this song  to remind myself of who I am now. Deep as, bro.
  6. 8 Foot Sativa Fuel Set – Ahhhhh this song is my angry teenage years and can still turn me into a moshing bogan.
  7.  Zed Oh! Daisy – I cant and won’t justify this one except — these guys were massive in their day. Do try it.
  8. Tadpole Backdoor A great song about anal sex. Well, kind of about anal sex, read more about that here and if you haven’t listened to the album The Buddahfinger, you’re missing out on a classic kiwi rock album.
  9. The Bleeders Out Of Time – I love The Bleeders, the album Sweet as Sin is such a good punk/hardcore(ish) album.  Imagine putting Blink 182  & Rise Against & New Zealand into a massive blender, that’s The Bleeders.
  10. Redline Take Me In – I listen to this song almost daily. Redline were formed after the break up of Tadpole. I saw them live with Disturbed a few years ago and they were amazing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish there was an acoustic version of this song.

Honorable mentions: The Dance Exponents I’ll say goodbye; Atlas Crawl; Split Enz I hope I never; Crowed House Don’t dream its over.

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  1. I don’t know what my faves are, but here are a few I’ve been listening to recently:

    Clawhammer by Bannerman. Gritty, slow burn country gothic. There’s a great live version on YouTube.

    Sojourn by Glass Vaults. These guys recently had some of their equipment stolen, which is sad because their ambient sound uses some quite-hard-to-find electronic gear. Sojourn and Sacred Heart from their album last year are both beautiful tracks.

    Rangers by LarzRanda. Earworm, funny hip hop. Or something. It’s catchy.

    Kick Out of Life by She’s So Rad.

    Secret Life of Furniture by Ha the Unclear. Ever wondered what your coffee table is thinking? It might just disturb you to know … but you may also end up humming along anyway. Just don’t be surprised when your friends side eye you peculiarly.

    Hunter by Aldous Harding. Folk that could have come direct from the Appalachians … via Lyttelton.

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