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I am about to enter day four of dealing with my addiction, but I believe it is starting to come to an end as I’m writing this (otherwise I would be still playing). I feel dirty, I even roped my 10-year-old son in to assist with my fix. This is just not me, I don’t play games on my phone or tablet, these are devices used to aid in work, the latest news and occasionally Facebook, ok, so maybe a little more than occasionally. I’m not a big fan of any other social media sites to drive me into any silly little childish games to play, I have an Xbox for that.

Farming Simulator 16 Loading Screen

The only thing that I’ve wanted to tap in the last few days

So moving back in time to nearly four days ago when it all began. I was heading into hospital for a short procedure on my back along with steroid injections. In and out on the same day, then with a couple of days resting up.

So a quick message to some so called friends for a suggestion of a couple of games I can throw on my tablet and phone to help past the time while waiting at the hospital and then while in recovery. Now, one of these so called friends suggested a Farming Simulator game knowing that I have dabbled with another version on the Xbox. I thought “Yeah, why not.” Now let it be known, I am a tight ass, I do not generally pay for apps, especially games, it was $4.49, I paused for a second and thought why not, I deserve this, I’m not allowed a coffee today. That was mistake number 1.

Unfortunately for whatever reason, when I have these steroid injections I can’t sleep, it’s like insomnia for 48 hours, this, in part helped to aid my addiction and also mistake number 2.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait long before going through to theater and didn’t even get a chance to fire it up. Moving forward several hours as not to bore you with the stuff in between that has nothing to do with the overall outcome of this story, and now at home with my loving family to help look after my every need, (yeah right, insert Tui advert here), tea done and then into a heavy Xbox session with a couple of mates. It’s probably best to mention at this point that I live in Adelaide, and the mates are in New Zealand, so a 2.5-hour time difference. One of these mates was also the one who suggested trying Farming Simulator 16 in the first place.

So at around 10:30pm my time they decided to head off to the land of the sleeping, me wide awake and now wondering what to do next. “Ahh I know, Farming Simulator 16” and here lies mistake number 3.

So here I am about an hour into it and I’m really enjoying it, but I need more land to grow my little empire, to this I need more money, but to do this I need more tractors, and harvesters, and seeders, and cultivators… all just to grow. It was going to take for ever with only one or two small fields which you get when you first start the game. That’s when the light bulb goes off, I can buy more money, with real money.

Now remembering I’m a tight ass, so I purchase $1,000,000.00 for only another $3.49, mistake number 4 and thus the main mistake sending me spiraling down into the dark hole of my now, as typing this, a total of 26 hours and 12 minutes of addicted gaming time which started only 72 hours ago.

I need you to hurry up and grow

I need you to hurry up and grow

It’s all I’ve spoken about with constant chat messengers going between friends with what I’m doing and what I’ve been achieving. And of course receiving messages back stating my addiction and to put my tablet down and to step away.

All day I have been thinking about expanding the farm, buying more land and more equipment to grow even bigger, but I’ve also been thinking, right work tomorrow, how am I going to combine this new pleasure into my work day, during breaks only of course.

I have made millions and also spent millions, but managed to stay on the right side of the line. I think the high I was needing was to get to the point where I can buy what I want when I want. I am now there.

But like all good highs, it must come to an end, and fortunately unlike most big drug benders this was fairly easy to kick, and I didn’t come crashing down with a stint in rehab, I still want to play, but don’t need to play like I did 24 hours ago. I can go to work not having to worry about what I need to do next. I know this will be more than a two step process, but I feel I am now free.

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