An idiot reviews food: Whittakers K BAR Chocolate


I fucking love chocolate. My inner fatty craves it, no not just craves it — needs it. When I heard that Whittaker’s had made a chocolate block that combined New Zealand’s iconic candy/toffee — the K Bar — with chocolate, my inner fatty made me ignore the overpriced hype and buy some.


KKK Uh Oh.. It better not be a sign..


Ignoring my first question when I saw the marketing (what good ever came of anything KKK? The answer is nothing), I made my to the supermarket who had already had stock in.

I got home and instantly had a bad feeling. As I looked down at the golden packet, I realised that, rather than using pieces of K Bar, the chocolate had a gooey filling in it, not just any filling though it is ” K Bar filling”. Hoooollld up… K Bar is a hard chewy candy. Doubt very quickly entered my mind and I thought to myself “I cant wait to find out how disappointing this is going to be.”


Filling? Filling? FILLING!

As I peeled back the foil, and lost all self control, I proceeded to break off a row and eat it all in one swoop.  My taste buds weren’t overwhelmed with an “oh my god it’s exactly like a K Bar in a chocolate block”, it was more of a “This is just another chocolate with some random filling in it”.

A friend messaged me asking for my verdict and my response was easy “This is not the K Bar chocolate you’re looking for”.

The K Bar chocolate really had everything going for it on paper – Take New Zealand’s favourite chocolate and add an iconic New Zealand candy bar and IMG_7418you could have the perfect sugar storm. Unfortunately, it falls into the “just another block of chocolate” category. Although maybe I am a hypocrite, as I look down it appears I’ve eaten half a block of it already, but that’s more likely due to the fact I am fucking helpless when it comes to chocolate. My inner fatty sees chocolate and eats it. I cant help but think that any other block of chocolate would have been dealt the same fate.

Rating 4/10 If you’re looking for a K Bar kick in a chocolate block this falls very short. K Bar by name only.










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