The Most Disturbed Advert Ever


It’s only 2017 and Skittles has already wrapped up the award for worst advertisement of the century. C’mon Skittles, what the hell were you thinking releasing this advert for Mothers Day? No way in hell will I be buying Skittles for Mothers Day, or even myself, after seeing it. Instead, now every time I see a Skittles packet I’m going to vomit a little into my mouth at the thought of this completely fucked video.

Watch it at your own risk if you haven’t seen this previously, what is seen can not be unseen and you may be scratching at your eyes for the next few days.

UPDATE: Skittles have now pulled this video from their YouTube account, but its still all over the interweb for us to enjoy or throw up at while watching.

When I first saw it I automatically thought that this is someone taking the complete and utter piss out of Skittles, but no, they’ve done this all on their own.

Skittles were first commercially available in 1974 in the UK and then imported into North America in 1979, which means they have had plenty of time to make a few stomach churning commercials over the years, so here are a few more.


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