6 Months of Vaping and I’m Still Not Gay


I’ve been vaping for 6 Months and I’m still not gay.

I can taste again, I can smell again, my fingers are no longer tobacco stained, my skin is apparently better looking and I’m spending much less money on vaping than I ever did cigarettes. But for some reason I’m still not attracted to other men.

Yes, no doubt you’ve seen the memes about vapers — “vaping is for men that like other men” etc. etc. Or maybe you’ve seen a vaper and thought to yourself that looks a bit naff. I was once like you, I only knew one other vaper before I took it up, and I gave him shit for it. I was a proud smoker, a delusional tobacco enthusiast. Slowly but surely I was crippling myself & my wallet as I fooled myself that I enjoyed spending $350.00 a fortnight to keep poisoning myself — then one day I just woke up.

I was sick of it. Sick of smelling like shit. Sick of my lungs feeling like shit. Sick of feeling like I had ran a marathon after walking around the block. Oh, and for years I had a doctor’s voice in my head from a stint in rehab (now that’s a story for another post) saying “Angus, it appears you have hyper inflated lungs and should quit smoking immediately.” Well, doctor, it’s better late than never!

At first when i started looking at vapes, I contacted The Vapourium and after asking what probably seemed like 100 stupid questions, my first vape was on its way. They were very understanding and helpful, especially for a skeptical thicko like me, and rather than hard-selling a particular device, they had given me plenty of choices and left with me with the confidence to know this would free me of the cancer sticks. The next day it arrived.

The Innokin Coolfire 4 from The Vapourium

There it sat on my desk, curious work mates gathered round to see what this was all about and to place their bets for how quick I would fail at this. I had planned on weaning myself onto the vape by still smoking but the next day I threw out my pouch and I was on my way.

Six months on from that day, I’m yet to smoke a single cigarette, not even a puff! The smell of them repulses me, I think I’d rather lick a shitty asshole than smoke a cigarette ever again. Oh yeah, I’m one of those ex smokers.

I think the hardest part in taking up vaping is making sure you get the right device for you and giving yourself a proper chance to adapt to it, it might not be easy but it really is worth it.


If you are struggling giving up smoking and like me had tried all other alternatives – patches, gum, locking yourself in a cabin on a hillside in the middle of nowhere, strait jacketed to the wall, then what have you got to lose in trying? Nothing.

I can breathe again, I’m healthier, I am much fitter, I can taste and I can smell again, but after six months vaping, despite what the internet says – I’m still not gay.




Angus Westgarth

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