2017 Whhhhaaaattttt?


Holy Shit. Its 2017,  YOU MADE IT! Normally that’s a trivial wanker saying right up there with saying “I haven’t seen you since last year” but “You made it” actually means something to me now.

You may (or may not) have noticed there’s been fuck all going on with this site since later last year and that’s because late last year I lost a close friend to suicide. That type of shit really changes your life, it changes your perception on every fucking thing. I went on a crazy as fuck path of mourning and self reflection, I guess finally now I’m feeling at a place where I can contribute to this again. I don’t like doing shit in half measures, its either balls to the wall or not at all and during the grief (I guess that’s what it was) I couldn’t really do fuck all of anything.

I also want to acknowledge my good friends support over the last part of 2016 and that in some fucking dark days the true meaning of friendship actually shined pretty bright (Woah… that sounds flowery) and I really appreciate it.

Anyways.. 2016 can go fuck itself and here’s to 2017 and whatever journey this takes us on. I’ve got some good shit planned for here and I know others do to.

I’m not about resolutions but I’ll leave you all this for now – Be arrogant, because there is only one of you, Be fearless – because what do you really have to lose? and most importantly – Be yourself, because you’re probably actually pretty fucking ace.


Can’t believe I’m writing this, my heart bleeds right now and I’m typing through tears. You were an amazing friend, I could always count on you to listen to whatever madness I had got myself into, sure you’d normally laugh at me but that’s what we were all about, about been there for each other. The last 48hours will be etched into my mind and I really wish I could have done something else, something more, but I’ll always remember you as my friend, my good friend. I could be forgiven for having a ciggie today but you were so proud for me quitting, so I won’t. You always wanted to see me win, remember up bidding the Shane Cameron Mo picture because you wanted to help me fundraise? We had a blast that weekend. I tried looking through photos we took when I was in Auckland in 2012 but most of them were of me pulling fingers at Auckland Landmarks, so I’ve decided to steal this one from your Instagram because to me this is the you I’ll remember. I’m really going to miss you, but I’ll never ever forget you or the influence you had on me. @puglifenz @eeyore_the_obsessive_nz 💔

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